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Hostel management really likes the idea from our site and they let all hostel owners know that our site exists. Thank you Josh for your support, and your believe in the idea. I created a screencast for hostel owners so they can see how it works:

Here is the post used in the Hostel Management newsletter: is an innovative new meta booking engine for hostels. The website searches several different hostel booking engines at once and compares prices and availability. The site offers several other groundbreaking features such as the ability to sort the search results by the hostels’ facilities.

Hostel Search Filters:
For example, if a backpacker wants to only see hostels with dorm beds that have wifi in the lobby and lockers in the dorms, it’s very easy to limit the search to those criteria. TFTHostels appears to be the most intuitive hostel search tool created yet.

Hostels can now claim their profiles on including:

  • Add direct contact information like phone number, email, website, and Skype name.
  • Add a Flickr slideshow with good quality pictures
  • Add YouTube movies and a YouTube channel
  • Add a blog RSS feed
  • Add the Plugoo application, so travelers can chat with hostel employees, directly from the site
  • Add Twitter account to the profile

Try it out at:

To claim your hostel’s page, please email Marco at for details.

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